#1 Reason Why Kids Are Obese.

Disclosure: This is Non-Paid post, The products were provided by PepsiCo for review, as always  my opinion is solely my own.

17% of children and teens in the U.S are obese and in most cases is not their breakfast or dinner what’s making them gain weight, is their snacks! They have 100’s of calories.
In this video I give you a few tips to choose wisely when buying snacks for our kids.

Would love to hear your favorite healthy snacks for the kids, share them below!




  1. Tania–One question on the calorie count for kids for snacks–Do you mean that snacks should be 500 calories total for the whole day? How many times a day do you suggest as ideal for kids to have a snack? We’ve always done healthy snacks (almost like mini-meals) because my kids tend to want small portions about 5 times throughout the day. They don’t really eat big meals so the snack/meal line tends to blur.

  2. I think that if kids get more exercise they burn off all those calories in a snap. A bigger offender than snacks is the lack of physical exercise – school cut P.E. to save money, kids come home and watch TV, etc etc. A lot of children are like hummingbirds – what they eat they burn off, if they’re enabled to.

    • kids should be exposed to variety of foods. Fast food chains now have healthy items to choose from in their menu. So its best mom exposes kids to these first and teach them these restaurants offer alternate choices; choose a hamburger with apples slices and chocolate milk or water rather than the calorie loaded combo of: burger, fries and soda. Same recommendation should be followed by adults too.

  3. My kids LOVE to snack…so much so that I have to be careful or they won’t eat real meals. We opt for whole grain snacks, fruits, veggies, and try to limit their juice consumption so they’re not getting too many calories from these in between meals


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