5 Tricks To Make Your Kids Eat Healthy

17% of children in the U.S are obese, 40% in the Hispanic community and the parents could be at fault. As a mom of two boys I know how difficult it could be sometimes to make kids healthy food, but  I learned, that is all in trick, YES! Trick them to eat healthy.
A registered dietitian tell us 5 tips to make your kids eat their veggies and fruits without even noticing!


  1. These are great tips. We’re just about exposure. We put vegetables on their plates every night. Sometimes they eat them, sometimes they don’t, but the idea is that they’ll get used to the idea that this is a part of dinner. Fortunately they’re good fruit eaters, so that’s one less battle to fight.

  2. I actually have had great success without using “tricks,” by being up front about what I expect my kids to eat. They are older now and it caused some resistance in the past, but the end result is now they are healthy eaters and know how to be healthy eaters all on their own.

  3. My kids eat healthy because that is all they have ever known. When we are at a grocery store and they ask for crap, I am very blunt. I tell them that sugar is bad for them. I explain that it can hurt their insides and while it tastes good, it doesn’t mean it is good. Today I was at the grocery store and telling them they couldn’t have fruit snacks with HFC in them and another mom picked up six boxes and said “I don’t care if it is healthy as long as they eat it” and then pushed away her cart filled with Cocoa Puffs and Mountain Dew. Sad.

  4. We eat healthy too, but I think it’s hard for many low income parents find affordable healthy food. In the Food Network documentary, Hunger Hits Home, a woman talked about how she would have to take a 45 minute subway ride to get to a market with fruits and vegetables that would take her food stamps. We need change the way food is supplied to people. So many people are struggling financially right now it can be hard to make money for what can be expensive fruits and vegetables.
    It’s easy for me to say I can feed my kids healthy food because I have acess to a local farmers market every day or whole foods or Trader Joes.
    That said, it’s hard for me to get my boys to eat vegetables. They used to eat everything, but have come more picky to as they’ve gotten older.

  5. I definitely agree that parents need to remember they are the ones with the control. With picky eaters, moderation may be key. My daughter likes healthy food but is getting more and more into junk as she sees kids at school eating different things. I find having her help make healthy snacks and meals increases the likelihood that she’ll eat it!

  6. Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice for us. I’m hoping that just be explaining how good the food is we eat on a daily basis, it will reinforce that understanding when they are able to make food choices on their own.

  7. Yvonne has good points above. It’s a continual struggle between convenience, value, health and the desire for your children to actually eat what you make them. We’re not perfect by any means, but we always try to sway on the healthy side – telling the girls that we need to do what’s good for our bodies and brains.

    My trouble is trying to give them enough vegetables; I try to supplement with veggie juice, but that has high sodium. I can only hope they will grow to love a variety of vegetables.

  8. I stared early on and I just don’t buy junk food. My kids eat veggies and fish and they eat what we eat. We don’t do “kid” food….and if we don’t have it in the house, then they can’t ask for it…KWIM?


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