What to Bring on a Road Trip With Kids To Survive!

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I love summer because it gives you so much freedom and you can plan so many activities and trips without worrying about a schedule, but summer goes fast right? And although I’m always planning activities with my boys I feel that we don’t spend a lot of quality time together because we’re always so busy out and about, that’s why I love road trips because you really get to spend time with your family since you’re together in a car for several hours.

tips to entertain kids on a road trip
But I have to admit, family road trips can get a little crazy , kids get bored, they start fighting and for a moment you regret your decision about taking a family road trip. IT’S ALL ABOUT PLANNING! and knowing what to bring on a road trip. My family and I take at least one road trip every year, so I’m going to show you What to Bring on a Road Trip With Kids TO SURVIVE!

Follow these steps.

After you have planned your road trip itinerary and chose a few places you want to stop along the way, (You don’t want to spend hours driving, you need breaks!) Make a list of:

Things to Bring on a Road Trip to Entertain the Kids

how to entertain kids during a road trip
Here’s the list:

  • Books, Magazines
  • Games such as: The License Plate Game, (You can print a map of the United States and bring colored pencils) or Travel Bingo you can buy it online for less than $10
  • Sketchbook, washable markers, and colored pencils.
  • Portable DVD player and DVDs or ipads; don’t forget headphones and car chargers. Make sure you bring a variety of DVDs, also make sure all the electronics are fully charged before your road trip, there’s nothing worse  than getting an hour into your road trip and having the iPad run out of juice.
  • Get NEW Apps; I hate to see my kids playing electronics all day, but during a road trip it could save the day to have them play for a while and if you download a few new Apps they will be even more entertained. There’s lots of fun travel Apps such as; Sago Mini Road Trip, Drawing Pad, This Is My Car — Mechanics For Kids, Keezy. You might want to download a few Apps for you as well!
  • Audio Books; This are great when kids start to get crazy, it will calm them down.
  • Easy craft-activities such as; Origami.
  • Snacks! Include a mix of healthy choices, such as dry fruit, veggies, as well as treats, such as cookies and chocolate-chip granola bars, remember to much sugar will make kids jumpy! Don’t forget water bottles and juices boxes, too and make sure the kids can easily access the snacks on their own. Don’t put them in the trunk, otherwise you’ll have to stop the car every time you hear , “I’m hungry, Mommy,” which during a road trip specially, it could be every 20 minutes!

road trip with kids made easy

Something worst than bored kids it’s car problems during a road trip, that’s why it’s so important to service your vehicle. Before you get on the road you have to make sure your vehicle is in good shape Walmart Auto Care Centers can help you get your car in and out for a great oil change in no time! The best part you don’t even need an appointment. You just pull into the parking area outside the Auto Care Center,  stop by the front desk and tell them what your car needs and give them your keys.

What to bring on a road trip to survive

You can even get your  oil changed while you shop for your road trip which is what I did! They will page you when your car is ready to go!
I had my vehicle’s oil changed with Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® which is specifically for cars over 75,000 miles. If you have a vehicle with under 75,000 miles you can use Pennzoil Platinum®: Full Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus™ Technology. Getting your oil changed with Pennzoil and oil that helps clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind at Walmart helped me make our summer road trip a success because I did not only saved time but also money!

Great News!  Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle is on Rollback 

from $39.88 to $35.88 through September 28!

road trips with kids tips to survive
 Besides making sure your car is in good shape for a road trip and bringing things to entertain the kids, there are activities you can plan as well, such as;

  • Make a movie of your road trip. My kids are starting their own YouTube channel so they love to record, but your kids don’t need to be YouTubers to record their road trip. Tell your kids to record with their iPhone or iPad some of their favorite locations along the road trip and to interview each other , it’s easy to edit the content using Magisto or the video editor which most phones and tables have. The video will be a great memory of your road trip.
  • Learn about your destination. Engage the kids before and during the road trip, get some children’s geography books such as National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S Road Trips Atlas, it goes state by state and it shows roadside attractions, cool things to check out even weird laws of each location.


Road trips are one of the best things you can do for your family, the memories that you make are priceless and your children will never forget those great family moments. Remember we only have 18 summers with our children! Start planning a road trip, you still have time this summer. Find an Walmart Auto Care Center Near You!  Enjoy your Road tripping!









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