Gizmo Gadget Review. Why Kids & Parents Love it!

The Gizmo Gadget has been a life saver for me. Since my 8 year old got it it changed our lives. The Gizmo Gadget is a watch/phone but doesn’t have the distractions of a phone. It has GPS, texting, calling but the parent chooses his contacts , so you’re always in control, but the super fun features of The Gizmo Gadget makes it super fun for the kids! WATCH THE VIDEO AND SEE MY BOY TELLING YOU why he LOVES his Gizmo watch and why it’s the perfect gift for any child!
For information on the LG Gizmo Gadget visit: Verizon Wireless
Verizon sent us a Gizmo Gadget as a gift which made this review possible.


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