Healthy Breakfasts in Minutes

Every  morning is crazy at my home, doesn’t matter how early I wake up  we end up running to the door at 8am.

I want to think is the same situation at other houses where moms also work. We hardly have time to do anything, so the less time I spend making breakfast the better, but at the same time I want my family to start their day with a healthy meal in their tummies.

Here I’ll tell you how do I accomplish feeding my family a healthy breakfast that takes only minutes.

Disclosure: This is Not a paid post.The products were provided by PepsiCo for review, as always by my opinion is solely my own.

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  1. Sharing family meals is a powerful way for parents to role model healthy choices. According to Dr. Kulze, studies show that families who regularly eat together at home consume more fruits and veggies and less calories and junk food than those who don’t dine together or eat often at restaurants. Studies also show that teens who sit down and eat with their parents engage in less risky behavior, such as substance abuse and sexual promiscuity, than their peers who don’t consistently share meals at home with Mom and Dad.


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