How to help your children with their homework

Homework is hard enough, but for a 4 and 5 year old could be even harder, do you know how to help him? How to make homework and enjoyable time  for your children.
In this segment of the Teacher Says, Janette Castillo, Child Psychologist and Preschool Owner gives you a few tips to create a healthy homework habit and make homework time a happy time for everyone!

Janette Castillo,  graduated in Child Psychology from Ashford University in Iowa. She worked as a teacher in Mexico for two years and two years in China. After learning the language she decided to bring home everything that she learned. She is currently working on her masters for Art in Education and opened her preschool in Chula Vista, California. Kids Creative Learning Center,  a preschool where children learn English, Spanish and mandarin. Her passion, patience and experience with children makes her the perfect teacher for children of all cultures.




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