How To Throw a Fabulous Oscar Party on any Budget

Oscar night is the biggest and most important night in Hollywood and in my house.
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As you can tell, I’m a huge movie fan! Before I got married I had “Hollywood Bachelorette party” and of course I was the sexy Marilyn Monroe!

hollywood stars, latina mom tv

All my friends dressed up as their favorite Hollywood stars.

Hollywood stars

Here are my 4 sisters, can you spot, Grace Kelly, Vivian Leigh and Lucille Ball?

marilyn monroe

Two of my best friends chose the classy Audrey Hepburn and award winner Joan Crawford.

As a huge Hollywood fan, every year I try to organize an Oscars party, it’s so fun to get together with friends, maybe dress up and drink champagne while trying to guess who will win the golden statue. In this blog I tell you some awesome tips so you can throw an Fabulous Oscar Party on with any budget and it doesn’t require lots of planning.


I’m obsessed with the app TouchNote, you can create postcards, greeting cards, canvas, invitations in minutes from your phone.

You make your design, add he address and TouchNote sends an actual paper card!

No need to go to the post office and your guests are getting an actual card not an email. How amazing, unique and personal is this! It usually takes 3 to 5 business days to arrive so if it’s a last minute party I recommend these options which are free.


There’s no need o spend hundreds of dollars on decorations, you just need to be creative! Here are some ideas:

Decorate your walls with movie posters of Best Pictures Winners. I found some on Amazon if you have Prime they’ll be here before Sunday. But I would hit a swap meet or used things stores.

You can go the fancy style and use gold and silver decorations, such as lines, plates, balloons.

Make sure you have lots of champagne glasses because there would be lots of drinking, the show is at least 3 hours and if you invite them for Red Carpet the whole party could last 5 to 6 hours.

My favorite is Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses, I discovered it back in the summer and I’m obsessed with it. I would get some bottles of this, they sell them at Costco for about $16.00. I would also get the bottles of dry champagne in case people don’t go for Rose.

Another way is go more Hollywood than glamorous. All this you can find it at Party City.

Consider doing the Red Carpet thing on the porch. Your guests will be impressed before they even walk through the front door. All you need red fabric I found several on Amazon for less than $20 if you have Prime they’ll be here before Sunday.


For the food, make sure you don’t say dinner on your invitation (Unless You’re serving dinner) but if say appetizers and champagne is much easier, you can even ask your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite drink and one appetizer. As far as the setup you can go fancy using gold and silver plates.

Or do it more fun like this plates, cups and napkins they sell at Party City.

Some of my favorite appetizers is a plate of cold meat, cheese, veggies, bread, crackers, they’re super easy to prepare and everyone loves them! Below are some of my favorite and easy to prepare recipes either for appetizer of dinner:


Happy Oscar Night!




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