I Hate Video Games! Tips to Limit the Use of Technology in Kids

I have 2 boys who the majority of children love video games and devices and yes! I’m at fault for giving them a cellphone but, I what started as a safety device turned into a playing device if you know what I mean.

And although I’m very strict on when and where they can use their electronic devices I have to admit, some times it gets out of control and I HATE IT! Do you? That’s what I was very interested on this survey about The Relationship Kids Have with Technology.

We have it all! Maybe that’s the main problem, but as a blogger, I need my tech.

My kids spent more time on smartphones and tablets.

I agree, technology is beneficial to children, but I do wish I had waited for them to be a bit older before I introduced them to video games, they were 4 and 5 years old and I do think I ruined their childhood essence a bit 🙁

TIP #1 This is how I control the use of technology at home:

  • My children are not allowed to play video games during the week , before school or doing their homework.
  • If they have no sport practice that day, they have to play outside a minimum of 1hr sometimes more, before they can play video games.
  • On weekends, first they have to exercise to win their time to use technology, for example, I take them with me on my morning run, the either run or bike.
  • NEVER play video games or watch YouTube after 7pm. (They go to bed at 8 on school nights)

Tip #2

  • I never allow my children to use their electronic devies at the dinner table. Even if it’s a quick lunch that’s the time I talk to them about their day.
  • At a restaurant my rule is; Order, conversation, eat and after everyone is done eating they can play for a bit. I do this specially when the whole family goes out to dinner and my husband and I want to enjoy our wine and dessert.

Here, I have to say, I’m really bad! During the week I can control it better and they usually play less than 2 hours but on the weekends depending on what we do is more than 5 hours, not continuoulsy. During sunny days they play less because we’re out and about, but if we’re at home, or it’s cold, they do spend lots of hours on their devices, but hey me as well! That’s the problem!

ALWAYS!! This is big for me. My kids can’t play or watch anything with guns or violence and they ask me almost every day, which is good they ask. I only allow them to play games with laser guns but no blood, I just don’t want to incite violence, there’s enough in real world.

TIP #3.

Not all the time, so this is what I do:

  • I make them set an alarm and if they don’t stop playing when it’s time they’re grounded and I do stick to my word. It doesn’t work all the time but they know it’s never free time to play video games.

I know it’s extremely difficult to prevent kids from using technology, specially when we’re on our phones or tables all day. That’s why here’s my last tip.

Don’t do what you don’t want your children to do, meaning, if you ask them not to play during dinner, don’t do it. ( I sometimes sneak into the bathroom to post on social media) Just don’t let them see you.

But also, try not using your devices when spending time with the family at least once in a while. Enjoy them because they grow fast!

I would love to hear, ho do you control the use of technology at home! Share your tips with us!






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