How to Raise Idependent Latinas Who Don’t Need a Man

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Tania luviano y papa growing along mexican border
I was raised along my 3 other sisters to be independent. Growing up in Tijuana, Mexico where I have to say most woman are raised to be housewives and not be independent, mi Papi decided to raise strong and independent Latinas. He, a super handyman would always have us help him when he was fixing something around the house or the car. He taught us how to use basic tools and fix minor things, he always said, “There’s no reason a woman shouldn’t know how to use a screwdriver.” And when myself and sisters moved out of the house he gave us a tool box as a housewarming git. “Para nunca nada se atore hija.” He Told us.

How to raise independent latinas who don't need man changing oil

Did you know that almost 50% of woman in the U.S don’t know how to change a tire?

I’m proud to say I’m not one of them, mi Papi taught all my sisters and myself  to take care of our cars; change tires, check a car’s oil level, check tire pressure even to jump a car, actually before he taught us to drive he made sure we knew how to handle car troubles. His advice has helped me a lot through the years and because of him is that I’m a very independent Latina who doesn’t need a man! ¡He dicho!

How to raise independent boys I don’t have girls but I’m following my dad’s steps and teaching my two boys to be independent and you can as well! So here are my tips:

How to Raise Independent Latinas Who Don’t Need a Man or in my case strong boys.

  • Lead by example. If you have girls, it’s important they see their mom fixing things, being independent and not always asking your husband for help. At least try to fix it so they can see you trying.
  • Got a toolbox? Learn what’s inside! If your husband doesn’t have time to explain it to you, google it, learn a few basic tools and explain to your kids what they’re for. Even if they’re young like mine (7 & 9) I asked them to help me hang some small pictures around the house. They weren’t perfect but they had a blast, they learned and I gave them confidence.
  • Teach to take care of their things. For example, my kids use their bikes everyday, so every week I have them check the air and if it’s low I taught them to use a pump.
  • Ask them if they can fix something. It could be something simple, such as mechanical pencil, start with small things and work your way up, he/she might show interest on fixing things.

These are very simple things you can do at the house and they will last a lifetime! Believe me, when your kids are older they will thank you, like I do to my dad.

When to change your car oil

Even though I’m very independent and I know how to take care of my car, with boys and work, life could get crazy and I need help, that’s why I decided to take my car to the Walmart Auto Care Center to change the oil. In Chula Vista, Ca, The Walmart Auto Care Center is located on the back of the store. There are signs everywhere, so you can’t  miss it.

Tips on raising independent kids

It was extremely easy and fast! For only $19.88, the guys at the Auto Center will change the oil for you. This specific oil change uses Quaker State® Advanced Durability Motor Oil. A great value!

reasons woman don't take care of their cars

The best part, the pit crew at the Auto Care Center took care of my car while I was shopping at Walmart! They used Quaker State ® Advanced Durability Motor Oil because is a great oil at a great price! Quaker State ®  gives you more durability and more honesty. Walmart Care Auto Center was affordable and super convenient, I totally recommend it!

Tips to raise boys that are independent

I need the best of the best for my car because I do depend on it! School, afternoon activities, work, road trips which we take a lot and to visit my family in Mexico. I can’t risk not having a car in great conditions. It’s the thousands of miles of stop-and-go traffic, idling, and extreme temperatures that are the true tests of toughness, actually Latinas! Quaker State ® It’s #1 in Mexico and South America!

Quaker State® Advanced Durability™ proved it delivers twice the wear protection of the industry standard throughout its life and you can find it in the Auto section at Walmart.

In case you need, more than an oil change, Walmart Auto Care Center offer all the services you need to take care of your vehicle at a great price!

My car was ready in less then 20 minutes. It was 10am and my oil change and groceries were done, I was happy and relax, ready for the next task on my day. It’s very important that you take care of your car, not only because you need it to go places, but for the safety of your family. I invite you to follow my tips and if you’re not YET an independent Latina when it comes to car troubles, learn the basics and teach your kids. I’ll leave you with one question to get you started.

Do you  know when is your next oil change? Find out and get it done! Happy driving!












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