Women & Money How To Take Control Now!

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Let’s talk money girls. I know it might be a subject you don’t like to talk about or you leave it to the man of the house, but have you ever asked yourself this questions?

  • What if something happens to my husband?
  • How are our finances?
  • Where’s our money?

The question is not, IF it happens, is WHEN is going to happen.


This is one of the most important tips I learned during and event with Prudential to learn more about how we as women can be more financially responsible. The goal of the event was to empower women to be confident when it comes to money decisions, so we can find the best financial solutions and make the best decisions for our family.


The event in San Diego , CA, was a very relax conversation between women with one goal in mind, How can I be better with my finances. You might be thinking, we’re doing great! But  are you really involved in your family’s finances? I’m not! And lots of the women at the event agreed on how men are the ones who manage our finances and we women are low key and let them make all our financial decisions as has been customary, specially in the Latino community.


Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

Patrice Washington, America’s Money Maven, who after loosing everything in 2008 created with great success, RealMoneyAnswers.com where she provides easy money answers around the country. One of her most important tips, You have to know where your family’s money is.

Know Your Worth

As an entrepeneur, one topic resonated with me, I tend to price myself really low and don’t value my work as much as I should, but you have to know your worth! and for that you have to:

  • Be Armed, Have a great product in my case an amazing blog.
  • Set Your Rate, value yourself and your hard work and sell yourself!
  • Deliver! If you don’t do a good job your clients won’t come back.

An entrepreneur’s guide: Starting your dream business
Entrepreneurs and would-be business owners are almost always passionate about their careers. However, passion doesn’t translate into cold, hard cash and funds are often needed to get that dream business off the ground or to sustain it. Here are several strategies to consider – and a few pitfalls to avoid – that may help to develop and nurture your venture. #WomenInspired

Throughout the years I have had many financial challenges such as: Suddenly loosing my job I had for 12 years when I was earning 6 figures, loosing my house and having to move to a tiny apartment with 2 babies and no job. The lesson, you can’t let anything bring you down, every problem is an opportunity for a solution, to maybe re-invent yourself which is what I did and became a blogger and started my production company after not being able to find a job in journalism for 6 months.


If you believe in yourself and that your dream can happen, it will become a reality!

My kids inspire me  to keep fighting to reach my goals, but my #1 motivation to keep going and not quit when things aren’t going well is me! My personal goal is, I want to be the best version of myself, each and one of us have a talent and it’s our responsability to use that talent. I’m fearless, I don’t take no for an answer,  I’m persistent and never give up. If you believe in yourself and that your dream can happen, it will become a reality!

Take Charge!

Either if you’re a homestayed mom or you work, you have to take charge of your finances, don’t let the man of the house take the whole responsability, you owe it to your kids. If something happens to your husband, wouldn’t it be better to grieve  not being broke? Here are  tips on how to start being more financially responsible.

Like Patrice said, It’s not about the money is about…WATCH THE VIDEO.

Ask for help!

One of the best advices I  got is to Reach out to a financial  professional, who can help you with your financial goals. Financial  professional like the ones from Prudential can help you plan for short and long term goals, personal and business goals even retirement. What also very important is to do your research before hiring a financial  professional and make sure is legit The best part the first consultation is free!




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