Worth Renting a Cabana at Aquatica San Diego

We love going to  Aquatica in San Diego, we go every summer, but this year we got to experience a Private Cabana and let me tell you, is totally worth it!


5 Reasons why is worth it to splurge on a Cabana

1 No Fighting The Crowds

The first thing Moms do when arriving at a waterpark is to find a static location for our things and lay down, but unless you arrive at the waterpark as soon as they open on a busy summer weekend, it will be hard to find a nice spot or a few lounge chairs together

When you rent a cabana you dont have to worry about snagging a good seat because you get two lounge chairs, a table with fur chairs and shade.

2 Worried Free: Belongings are Safe

No need to hide bags and sunglasses under the chair or towels, in your Cabana you have a locked cabinet.

A daily locker rental at a waterpark runs between $10 and $20 for the day in your Cabana you have your own safe with a charging station, so you can charge your devices and safely leave your belongings while you enjoy the waterpark with the key (attached to a wristband) . Did I mentioned there’s and there’s free Wi-Fi access so I was even able to do a bit of work while kids were water sliding, everyone wins!

3 Privacy

Maybe privacy at a waterpark isn’t usually what you’re looking for, but on a busy summer day is nice to be able to relax in your own Cabana.

Whether you want sun, shade, enjoy a cocktail with your girlfriend you got it in a Cabana. For more, privacy you can even unfasten the canopies and voila – extra shade and privacy even take a nap without feeling like you’re out in the middle of everything.

4 Private Pool

A private Cabana means relaxing! How amazing that you’re able to enjoy a private pool steps away from your Cabana!

It was a very hot day when we visited Aquatica so it was very convenient that I could just walk a few steps from my Cabana and get in the pool which was pretty empty.

My boys and his friend also enjoyed the private pool, it was a good break from the slides and the lines, talking about lines..

By the private pool there’s a private entrance to the Loggerhead lane or lazy river, so you don’t have to waist time waiting for a tube. This my kids loved!

My boys 10 & 11 years old, but If you have little ones, you’ll love that the Cabanas are right in front of the Slippy Ditty where the kids can enjoy the pool and waterfall.

5 Amenities

Aquatica San Diego sure gives you a nice welcome at the Cabana.

Our Cabana at Aquatica San Diego, came with a fridge stocked with chilled bottled water, four souvenir beach towels, fruit and snacks. There’s a menu available and you can order from the comfort of your lounge so again no lines, no stress and the service is excellent!

Perfect Summer Day!

A Lot More for Your Ticket Price

Being in a Caban it certainly made our day at Aquatica a thousand times better, more enjoyable no stress and longer! Having the comfort (and shade!) of the cabana allowed us to focus on the fun and everyone was in a great mood! We arrived at Aquatica at 10:30am and left at 6pm. That is a lot of hours at a waterpark on a hot day, but we enjoyed every minute of it And do you know what? I didn’t want to leave. I was relaxed and comfortable and my boys were having a blast.

Admission to Aquatica San Diego runs about $30 to $48 per person depending on the offer to rent a Private Caban like ours $219.00 but this rate already includes the first 4 ticketed guests, it’s a great deal! Think about it, having to cut the day short because kids or you are tired or sunburned, dealing with cranky kids or man is a waste on money. The cabana rental fee could seem pricey but it really adds overall value to the experience. Check it out here Private Cabanas with exclusive resort pool

A Private Cabana at Aquatica San Diego is The Tania Style for the Perfect Summer Day!


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